HERO LEAGUE is the planet’s most technologically advanced, mobile multi-room escape experience with state-of-the-art equipment, world-class SFX, physical and video effects, plus unique puzzles custom designed to facilitate teamwork by requiring multiple participants to simultaneously cooperate.


The adventure begins when your team receives a distress call from Night Fox, the tech-savvy side kick of our hero Captain Dynamo.  It seems Cyber Titan is threatening the city with the D.R.A.T.  (Destructive Roaming Armored Transport).

Your mission? Team-Up with Captain Dynamo, stop Cyber Titan and save the city! You’ll have to work together to perform puzzling tasks, hack mainframes, defuse doomsday devices and become heroes! 

There are two separate 30 minute games built into the Mobile Escape Room D.R.A.T., each holding up to 8 people per game.

They can be played simultaneously, or they can be played in sequence to form a full 60 minute game.

This means maximum participant throughput is either 8 people an hour, in the 60 minute game mode, or 32 people an hour in the 30 minute game mode. 

Do you have what it takes to be a hero?  Find out with Mobile Escape's Hero League adventure!





On average it takes 25-30 minutes to solve each of the rooms created by seasoned theme park professionals.


Hero League has variable settings that allow the game to increase in difficulty or puzzle participant requirements based on the number and skill level of the players.


There are 17 unique puzzles that have to be solved per room.